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June 2019


Directing duo SKUTR’s show The Weepers at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!


This month, directing duo SKUTR’s show The Weepers is being presented at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, as part of the Czech Republic @ The Fringe 2008 season, organised by the Czech Centre in London. From the 2nd to the 25th of August, Fringe Festival audiences have a chance to see The Weepers at the ZOO venue.

The performance has already met with great acclaim, from audiences and critics alike. Read some of the reviews below!

The Weepers premiered at Archa Theatre in September 2007. Czech audiences will have the chance to see the show again in September at the International THEATRE Festival in Plzen.

Reviews of The Weepers from Edinburgh:

Fringe Round-up
By Ian Shuttleworth, Financial Times
Published: August 20 2008 03:00 | Last updated: August 20 2008 03:00

…“One of a batch of Czech productions scattered across several venues, Skutr's The Weepers is a thing of beauty. Traditional Czech songs of mourning and other occasions of departure intermingle with scenes of individuals, couples and the ensemble of seven engaging in acts of simple human connection, from love and marriage to shadow-play and even a game of tag. The company achieve a warm rapport with the audience by treating the whole event as playful and serious at once; we can luxuriate even in the more funereal segments, knowing these are experiences and emotions felt by all of us and drawing comfort and strength from that empathy.“ ****

Fringe Review
Edinburgh 2008

The Weepers

Low Down
The Weep songs are traditional Slavic songs for the dead, which is the loose inspiration for this robust piece of physical theatre, combining, haunting songs with fast paced contemporary dance in a tautly directed 50 minute show

The moment the show starts we are whisked from a soggy Edinburgh to the rustic insides of a Slavic dwelling place where an old man reviews the stories of his life. The slow pace of the opening dreamily draws us in as we realise that we are attending the old man's funeral song and the peace is shattered by the arrival of 3 young men and 3 young woman, who catapult into the space and spend the next 40 minutes whirling, fighting dancing and singing with breathtaking abandon.
The piece is staged in the round between four pillars which are cleverly included in the action   Although the audience is right on top of the show we never feel threatened, the actors treat the interface with a delicate and humourous touch, we feel safe and included, The lighting is subtle and the recorded music has a wonderful strangeness about it.
From the start I was entranced by the lightness of touch, the actors all very different all possessed an innate charm and openness that instantly connected with the audience. The action veered between songs of childhood sung by the cast or sometimes from offstage and fast paced choreographed action. The actors moved in chorus, making great use of the only props, a table and chairs, little flurries of action arising out of small beginnings, a  teasing couple erupt into  a full blown fight, wonderfully questioning the line between lovers play and violence. The piece was full of delightful moments of physical theatre ranging from the comically coquettish  to the astoundingly physical. It is by turns exuberant, haunting, thoughtful, utterly charming and I was moved to tears by the end. If this is an example of Czech theatre then we have a wonderful new addition to the festival.

Reviewed by Chris Cresswell 13th August 2008

The Weepers
SKUTR / Czech Republic @ The Fringe 2008
Physical theatre is often criticised for having a lack of substance and consisting
of movement without story. `The Weepers`, however, is a skilful and captivating
integration of these two facets, covering loss, childhood, and family, and
supported by live singing in Czech. These actors are so engaging; they will
make you laugh and cry with their chaotic feuding, quirky actions and
playfulness. In place of dialogue there is some spoken word poetry, but mainly
the soundtrack guides the action. Every actor remains onstage watching the
others, intensifying the performance, whilst moments making use of shadow are
beautiful and shouldn’t be missed. This integrated, well-executed performance
is captivating, and I left the theatre changed.

The Zoo, 1-25 Aug (not 14), 5.20pm (6.10pm), £8.00 (£6.00), fpp 123.


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