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June 2019


Archa.mag. Issue 3 – May 07


On the 29th and 30th of May, Argentinian choreographer Constanza Macras and her group Dorky Park will present their two part work I Am Not The Only One at Archa Theatre. The performance will be presented as the grand finale to the Berlin Reloaded showcase.

As the Süddeutsche Zeitung writes:
“The joint is always jumping whenever Constanza Macras, mega in-demand Berlin-based choreographer, presents a new “piece.” No matter where. Macras is the Joker of the scene; today at the Volksbühne’s Prater, recently she whisked a dozen Neukölln hip-hop kids through HAU and most recently presented the best of the last eight years of her company, Dorky Park, in Bordeaux. Constanza Macras, the Argentinean with the smoky voice, has no fidelity for theaters. She recently staged Sommernachtstraum (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) with Thomas Ostermeier at the Schaubühne as a co-production composed of theater and dance. And with her new piece I’m not the Only One at Prater, she has attracted genuine young people to Berlin’s pseudo-young Prenzlauerberg neighborhood.”


In Prague you and your group have established a reputation as the biggest stars of the contemporary Berlin dance scene. What sets you so far apart from others?
I really don’t know if we are that different. We definitely don’t just do dance. I work with actors, musicians and stories. Dance is for me a means of creation, but it isn’t the only language in which I can express myself.

The performance I Am Not The Only One has two parts – is the second part simply a continuation of the first or was it just not possible to squeeze all your inspiration into an hour and a half?
Originally, the project I Am Not The Only One was only meant to be a solo performance. But when your group has so many members, it’s difficult……… I was looking for a theme which would link both performances, but at the same time I wanted each part to have a distinctly different outlook. The theme is leaving home: the process in which we become strangers in our new surroundings and also in those that we have just abandoned. And because I work with both texts and dance, I wanted to concentrate more on text and narration in the first part and use more abstraction and movement in the second.

How do you choose your themes?
Mostly I work with two main ideas which oppose one another. The first thought and idea comes at the beginning of the work, it’s something I’m thinking about and need to talk about. During work on the performance, however, I usually also look for another, often opposing opinion, which comes directly from the process of rehearsal. It runs through all the performances and of course the performers also bring new ideas and interpretations during the rehearsal process.

Your performance at Archa is part of the project Berlin Reloaded. How would you arrange the line-up for the Prague Reloaded showcase in Berlin?
I must check out the scene in Prague ….but probably also in Berlin….

Can you recommend something from Archa’s May programme to our readers?
I saw Nigel Charnock’s performance Frank and I really really liked it. Nigel is a magician!


Electronic Beats Festival Prague 2012 - May 5 / 8pm

International music programme presented by Telekom. With: The Whitest Boy Alive, Grimes, Woodkid, Mike Skinner DJ Set (The Streets). Tickets: CZK 250 / CZK 350 at the door.
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The Dramaturgy of Devised Theatre: Shared Space - April 20 and 21

An international symposium for artists working in the field of authored theatre focussing on the concept of theatre as a shared space in which creation is based on mutual dialogue between all the members of the creative team and subsequent dialogue w...
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Archa.lab in March and April

The short residence projects by young artists continue in March and April. The “Movement, Word, Space, Time” atelier led by Jana Svobodová starts on March 22.
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3x Min Tanaka - May 7 – 9

3x Min Tanaka - May 7 – 9

Famous Japanese dancer, director and farmer Min Tanaka, a legend of world dance, returns to Prague for the first time in seven years. On May 7 and 8 Archa will present two of his solo shows under the name Locus Focus and on May 9 he will appear toget...
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Lou Reed to play at Archa!

Lou Reed to play at Archa!

Lou Reed will be playing at the Archa Theatre on July 4, as part of the "FROM VU TO LULU" tour. Tickets available from February 23 at the Archa Theatre box office and Ticketpro outlets. Presented by 10:15 Entertainment.
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John Mayall - November 13

John Mayall - November 13

John Mayall coming to Archa Theatre! Concert presented by punx not dead agency together with the Archa Theatre.
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